Precision Dental Practice,

Drayton, Portsmouth

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Andrew Sheehan ,GDC number 68696 qualified from The London Hospital in 1993 and has worked in Worthing, Fareham and Waterlooville until  1998 when he set up the practice in Drayton.

He is a trainer of graduate dentists and recently gained his clinical teacher qualification of PG Cert Clin Med Ed at Oxford -Brooks University.

He has a keen interest in conservative restorative care of the elderly dentition and root fillings.

Tailoring treatment plans to each individual patients budget forms a core belief where we deliver the best possible treatment within sensible budgets .agreed with patients on a' pay as you go' basis.

His aim is to provide excellent dentistry in a relaxed  friendly high trust environment where we do our best to enable patients to keep great teeth for life.

 News From Precision 2020.


We are promoting whitening of teeth using the ultimate conservative "Air Polishing " for deep staining removal especially effective for tea, coffee and smoking staining.

This can subsequently be improved further by Bleaching with the very gentle but effective Pola Whitening system which whitens without causing any damage to teeth or  exacerbating sensitivity.

Air Flow polishing is currently offered at £80 and can be booked directly with the hygienist on Direct Access basis.

Bleaching is offered currently at £300.

Combined Air Flow Polishing and Bleaching can now be offered as a combined approach for maximum effect and is offered at £365.

Please call Lisa on 02392221166 for further details.

Non registered patients can use this service on a Direct Access Basis with no commitment to stay after this process should they not desire to do so. 




MAY 2018 – APRIL2019




This statement will be generated at the end of every May and will summarize:


    1. Any infection transmission incidents and any action taken – these will have been detailed in accordance with our significant events reporting procedure.
    2. Details of any infection control audits undertaken and any actions taken.
    3. Details of any control risk assessments
    4. Details of staff training.
    5. Any review and update of policies and procedures.

 This annual statement is prepared by Stacey Osmond who is the Clinical Manager at Precision Dental.


    1. There were no known infection transmission events or incidents from May 2018 to April 2019
    2. Infection Control Quarterly audits  via IPS  audit tool were carried out in:

    1. May 2018 overall score 100%
    2. July 2018 overall score 98%
    3. Nov 2018 overall score 99%

No action required

The HPC sample testing system continues every 3 months which offers a much more accurate assessment of our water quality.


    1. HPC sample July 2018 clear  no action required
    2. HPC sample October 2018 clear no action required
    3. HPC sample February 2019 clear no action required

We have a water temperature chart in place for the manual cleaning of instruments for compliance with CQC regulations

All other daily, weekly and monthly checks in decontamination room are logged in the isopharm compliance log books.


  The practice risk assessment (which includes matters of Infection Control) will   be carried out annually and the findings if any included in next year’s statement


 All team members have been signed up to Isopharm Training and this been paid for by Andrew Sheehan to ensure that the whole team has access to training relevant to all cross infection, safe guarding, health and safety, and other duty of care topics.

Each course counts towards CPD hours.

All staff training is logged in the Yellow folder kept in staff room.



The practice Infection Control Policy is due for review in June 2019 and will be updated annually, but amended/updated accordingly as an ongoing basis for advice and guidelines.

Signed……Stacey Osmond

Signed……Lisa Cooper